College Applications

Written by: Cindy Haeck December 4, 2010

Whether you are a high school senior or community college transfer student, now is the time of year to be completing your college applications. I always encourage students to think and reflect on their campus choices before applying. Consider that you will be a part of this new community for several years… meet people who may become part of your adult life for many years…and begin networking with professionals who will help you launch into initial careers. Like a good shoe…you want function and fit!

At a minimum, look at the applications and what is expected. The Common Application can be previewed on-line and is accepted by more and more major universities. This can be a time saving strategy. Begin writing your essays and personal statements….edit…edit…and ask others to preview before submitting.

Don’t forget the FAFSA! 2011-12 applications will be posted January 1st. Get it in early to maximize your opportunities for financial support as you pursue higher education.

Wow… seems like so much to do. It is, but don’t procrastinate. Create a plan that allows you to chip away at this process one bite at a time. Plan to spend 30-45 minutes a day on your college application plan and you’ll be celebrating in the months ahead as you recieve your letter(s) of acceptance.