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College and career planning is a constantly changing landscape. High school students get overwhelmed with college searches and how to apply. Counselors have high caseloads with little time for individual attention. Adults needing to change jobs can become emotionally stretched and find it challenging to stay focused. Check our blog posts that will share updates about admissions, resumes, occupational trends….and more!

Transitions…first time for many things!

First day of high school…first day of college…first job. We experience many “firsts” in our lives, all of which are important times of transition. Part of the reason I launched Wilmington Career Counseling was because I recognize the value of coaching assistance through some of these experiences. High school students have told me many times... View Article

Spring Break College Visits

Break out the travel atlas and hit the road for your spring break to explore…college campuses! Pick 3-4 locations that you’ve been considering. Check ’em out first hand. You can read about a college in books or the brochures they send, but there’s nothing like being there. After all, this is where you may live,... View Article

College Goal Sunday at EMU

Eastern Michigan University hosted a regional site for College Goal Sunday today from 2-4PM. Attendance was light, but perhaps you didn’t hear about it. Every year across the country, colleges and universities host this event to help families understand and complete the FAFSA which is the primary application for financial aid. Electronic filing is easy... View Article

The Language of College

FAFSA…SAP…MACRAO…articulation agreements…what does all of this mean? Not only do high school seniors have to experience the stress of college applications and transitions, but they also have to get accustomed to the new language of post-secondary. FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid – is the acronym for the annual application form for financial... View Article

Seniors, don’t take your foot off the gas!

Second semester…senior year. Excitement and stress are in the air! Final applications are being submitted. Some have already begun to receive letters with collegiate return addresses. The buzz is “Where are you planning to go next year?” Or, “Where did you get in?” Whoooaaahhh! Now is not the time to let up on senior year... View Article

Happy New Year 2013!

New beginnings…new goals…new FAFSA! If you’re a high school senior, or current college student…now is the time to submit the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Go to the right site: (remember this is “free”). Even if you don’t think you will qualify for federal grants or loans, this may be a... View Article

Financial Aid – Help Paying for College

Parents…when’s the time to begin thinking about college financial planning? When your child is born. The cost of a college education has risen dramatically over the past decade and can be as daunting as a home mortgage. It is refreshing to discuss with 18, 19, 20+ year old students their concern about accumulating “too much... View Article

Fall Means Timely College Applications

High School Seniors…this one’s for you. You’ve heard the term, “the early bird gets the worm.” When it comes to applying to college, this can be very true. With all the excitement of your final year of high school, don’t forget to put “college exploration and applications” on your list of “things-to-do.” Many campuses are... View Article

Help, I’ve Been Let Go

One of the wonderful aspects of working at a community college is the diversity of the student population. Some students are beginning their work careers, mid-lifers are retooling…and others are engaged in active retirement – all interested in enhancing their skills and interests.

Coaching – Powerful Academic Advising

I completed my Masters in Counseling Education back in the 1990’s at North Carolina State University. It was a great training ground to learn theory and develop skills that I would adopt to work in various professional roles. What I’ve grown to love the most is academic and career counseling…supporting students of all ages in... View Article

Just back from Atlanta NCDA

I love to attend professional conferences and events! It is one of the few times I break away from the day-to-day and network with others who share their best practices of service to students in higher education. Last week I traveled to “HOT”lanta for the National Career Development Association conference…and it didn’t disappoint! One of... View Article


I’ve attended several meetings and events over the past several months that have had to do with student success. Each time the conversation turns to…”How will we measure it?” We talk and deliberate. We devise a method that is quantifiable based on “best practices.” Yet I leave with a feeling that we didn’t quite hit... View Article