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College and career planning is a constantly changing landscape. High school students get overwhelmed with college searches and how to apply. Counselors have high caseloads with little time for individual attention. Adults needing to change jobs can become emotionally stretched and find it challenging to stay focused. Check our blog posts that will share updates about admissions, resumes, occupational trends….and more!

How to Pick a Major

How to pick a college major? Now there’s a million dollar question to ponder. It’s not quite the same as picking a restaurant…or a pair of jeans…or a new car. Or is it?

It’s That Time of Year…

November…holidays, football and college application time! High school seniors and community college transfer students are looking toward the horizon for the best place to continue their education. When I listen to student’s reasons for applying to certain schools I often hear the following...

Fall NACAC Conference

Just returned from the annual NACAC Conference held in New Orleans, LA! What a city! Had an opportunity to visit Loyola and Tulane campuses…they’re next door neighbors that share the best each offers. Talked to a few students and oddly met a young lady from Birmingham, Michigan…small world. She spoke highly of her experiences at... View Article

High School Seniors – “Jump Start” Applications

Senior year of high school is exciting…and challenging. Hopefully, students have requested courses that will continue to challenge and maximize skill building in math, writing, sciences and other areas of interest.

Job Seekers, Create Your Success

Routinely I listen to a client share their job search strategies and sadly hear, “I’ve sent out twenty resumes this week, but no one has called me back!” So let’s flip this notion on it’s head once and for all. It’s a basic economic principle of “supply and demand.” There are more candidates and fewer... View Article

Summertime – Explore Colleges

For many, the traditional school year is coming to a close. Students are finishing final projects. Teachers are preparing grades. Parents are making plans for family summer vacations.

Career Plans – Curvy Roadmaps

Have you ever started out on a road trip only to find yourself meandering down an unexpected lane? You stop at a quaint little shop and discover fascinating curiosities? Eventually, you’re back behind the wheel traveling toward your intended destination…but now it has taken on a new meaning because you took time to explore. Career... View Article

College Applications

Whether you are a high school senior or community college transfer student, now is the time of year to be completing your college applications. I always encourage students to think and reflect on their campus choices before applying. Consider that you will be a part of this new community for several years… meet people who... View Article


Life’s journey is always interesting. Sometimes there are twists and turns… unexpected… thrilling… causing us to reassess where we’re headed. As I shared with parents and students last week, career selection used to be such a linear process. You could chart your course and the goal was clearly in sight. Today’s world causes us to... View Article

Road Trip

Gas? Check! Tires? Check! Road maps? Check! No itinerary other than what I choose each day….ah! Now this is traveling! Birthdays nudge us into doing things we’ve been telling ourselves we don’t have the time to do all year. This year, I hit the open road – a cross between Thelma & Louise and Eat,... View Article

College Planning

I’ve discovered that when I’m open to all that crosses my path and pay attention to my intuition, the world opens to many possibilities. As I read “You Majored in What?” by Dr. Brooks, University of Texas – Austin, I’m making sense of my personal/professional journey. For those grappling with where they’re headed, I encourage... View Article