Job Seekers, Create Your Success

Written by: Cindy Haeck June 14, 2011

Routinely I listen to a client share their job search strategies and sadly hear, “I’ve sent out twenty resumes this week, but no one has called me back!” So let’s flip this notion on it’s head once and for all. It’s a basic economic principle of “supply and demand.” There are more candidates and fewer job openings…fact. This means the notion that employers are going to be beating your door down contacting you is a misconception. In today’s market, the responsibility to show fit and be active in the search is the job seekers. Here are a few ideas:

  • “Step away from the computer!” Job seekers should be spending a minimum of 50% of their job search energy making connections and networking with decision makers.
  • Technology today makes it fairly easy to find the right person in an organization to target your job search energies toward. Avoid the “generic” letters and contacts. Show you’re interest and that you’ve taken time to research this.
  • Tailor it! Like a great suit, a tailored resume again indicates to an employer that you’ve reviewed the required skills and can show why you’re the best fit! It’s the attention to detail that separates a suit off the rack and one designed just for you.
  • Never underestimate the power of “thank you!” Every person who assists you is a member of your “Job Search Team!” Be a grateful team leader and give credit where credit is due. A receptionist who links you to the right person deserves a thank you, particularly if it leads to a job!