Road Trip

Written by: Cindy Haeck September 27, 2010

Gas? Check! Tires? Check! Road maps? Check! No itinerary other than what I choose each day….ah! Now this is traveling! Birthdays nudge us into doing things we’ve been telling ourselves we don’t have the time to do all year. This year, I hit the open road – a cross between Thelma & Louise and Eat, Pray, Love. Waking without an alarm clock is highly under-rated in our time obsessed culture.

A memorable highlight…Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water in Pennsylvania. Remarkable architecture with such a vision. I’ve toured several of his homes in Chicago and Arizona and always feel he was a man before his time.

Walked the brick walkways at the University of Virginia… and marveled at our fore fathers who have walked before me. Their insights and common sense became the foundation of this wonderful country and have stood the test of time year after year. History majors would embrace this campus…and yet it is a renowned university for a variety of interests and subjects. I walked the campus on the hottest day of September, up the many stairs, and wondered if Thomas Jefferson took off any layers when he graced these halls? It was tempting!

So back to reality with the realization that every person has gifts to share. Some are nurtured in places of higher education…while others dare to dream their visions of all the possibilities and create…

Think about your gifts today. What do you love? Where will you go? What will you do? What’s your imprint on the world?