Fall NACAC Conference

Written by: Cindy Haeck October 2, 2011

Just returned from the annual NACAC Conference held in New Orleans, LA! What a city! Had an opportunity to visit Loyola and Tulane campuses…they’re next door neighbors that share the best each offers. Talked to a few students and oddly met a young lady from Birmingham, Michigan…small world. She spoke highly of her experiences at Loyola. It was a great fit for her!

The conference included a variety of sessions and I focused on a few that were directed toward community college personnel. With the current economy and employer demand, community colleges have become extremely attractive to a broad spectrum of students. As I remind students at WCC daily, begin the journey with your end goal in mind when it comes to transferring. You must keep an eye on transfer requirements various schools prefer if your intention is to apply to their campus.

Conferences are also a great time to network with colleagues – old and new. Met admission representatives from across the country who indicated their interest in transfer students. Those who are applying from high school should relax and appreciate that there is a great college for them out there.

What’s “hot?” STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Math programs are seeking all with an interest. CACHE – RPI, WPI, MIT and more – hosted a great evening that highlighted admission trends and transitions to employment. Catholic Colleges reminded us of the holistic nature of education and the value of spiritual foundations as a good choice for some students. North, South, East, West…the U.S. certainly has some of the BEST. Why else would so many international students be jumping through multiple hoops to participate in our educational systems?

What does all this mean for YOU as a student? You have choices…if you’re willing to explore beyond the obvious. Stretch yourself! If you need help…give me a call!