Written by: Cindy Haeck May 29, 2012

I’ve attended several meetings and events over the past several months that have had to do with student success. Each time the conversation turns to…”How will we measure it?” We talk and deliberate. We devise a method that is quantifiable based on “best practices.” Yet I leave with a feeling that we didn’t quite hit the mark.

To me, “success” is based on personal aspirations and goals. It cannot be defined by anyone else. For a two-year old, success is figuring out how to reach the cookie from the counter. At five, there’s a rush when we can ride the bike that moves us faster and farther than our legs would carry us in twice the time. So what is “success” for a high school freshman? Sophomore? Junior? Senior? What is “success” when you’re twenty? Thirty? Sixty?

I ponder the point because it brings me back full circle as students are trying to decide on what to do after high school. For some, the best choice is working a job that is teaching them new responsibilities. Others, find that attending college is a “good fit” for them to meet their personal aspirations…which then begs the question…”What’s the college that’s the best fit for you?”

Certainly worth the time spent discussing, researching, visiting. This will be your focus for several years. Yet many students spend more time deciding what they’ll wear for prom than they do about college choice. Like the meetings I mentioned earlier, will it leave you feeling like your decision fell short?

How do you define “success”…and what’s the best college for you? Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Tweet your ideas to Haeckconsulting!