High School Seniors – “Jump Start” Applications

Written by: Cindy Haeck August 14, 2011

Senior year of high school is exciting…and challenging. Hopefully, students have requested courses that will continue to challenge and maximize skill building in math, writing, sciences and other areas of interest.

Unfortunately when the academic year begins, so do the demands of college applications for admissions. While you have a few weeks left during the summer, get a “jump start” on college applications. The new Common Application is available on-line. A few hints…begin completing the general data for this application that is being accepted and used by more and more major institutions. Review the essays and personal statements that are required, and begin writing! Identify the faculty in your high school who you would like to ask write your letters of recommendation. Make an appointment with your counselor the first couple weeks of school and review your plans and intentions.

Start to narrow down the schools you’re most serious about. Plan to make campus visits if you haven’t already. Many campuses have scheduled “Visit Days” for the fall…great time to get tons of information, tour the campus, and talk to students currently attending. Take notes and pictures to jog your memory.

Last tip…try to keep this process personal to you. By that I mean, avoid the peer pressure of applying to institutions that may be a fit for your friends…but aren’t the best for you. Remember that college is a tremendous financial investment, as well as your new home for the next 4-6 years!

Get a “Jump Start!”